Monday, August 22, 2011

Tick Tock

Project Transformation (Dallas,TX)

Celebrated my B.Day and Easter (On the same day too.)

Finished Project Transformation After-School Program
Went to Atlanta (loved me some time with the fam, and my best friends for life)

PT Summer! 

PT Summer!
Went Atlanta for my cousins wedding. Congrats Katie and Kevin.

Project Transformation ENDED (Yes I did cry, those were an amazing 11 months)
Urban Camp (Wore my lifetime share of yellow)
Wesley Rankin Science Camp (Awesome field trips with some pretty cool kids!)

So NOW, I find my self living in a small ocean community about 2 hours south of Seattle.  Its a small town where you see people you know all the time.  Its the kind of place where eating dinner with 4 extra people is considered a party (although I think Jesus would totally be fan of this.)

why this town 
why the change
 how long will you stay
what are you going to do for work
what about your friends, family, church
what are you going to do with your life

The ANSWERS are to come.  Although I don't even know all of them myself...prepare yourself, for my story is a little wacky, unpredictable, and as I am convinced rarely boring (cause God doesn't like boring!)

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