Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Music to My Ears

I believe that it is hard to really love others if you don't make it a priority to love yourself.
So one way I am loving myself is through making it a priority to treat myself.
I love music, and I will be buying myself 10 new songs a month.

So this month I got 10 songs at: noisetrade 
This album I got is a collaboration of indie artists from Tennessee.
I was able to make a donation to the artists and get some great new songs.
Song #1: Just You 
 By: Amy Stroup

Song #2: The Ladder
By: Andrew Belle

Song #3: Not Foolin' Around Tonight
By: Butterfly Boucher

Song #4: On A Day Just Like Today
By: Gabe Dixon

Song #5: The Bed You Made
By: Jeremy Lister

Song #6: Where I Come From
By: K.S. Rhoads

Song #7: Free My Mind
By: Katie Herzig

Song #8: Home
By: Matthew Perryman

Song #9: Leave to See
By: Trent Dabbs

Song #10: The Only One
By: Tyler James

Listen to my favorite pick here: The Ladder

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