Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coastal Postal

So I have a list of GOALS
I want to share living in an intentional way
 with my HEART, HEALTH, and HOPES.

  Heart Goal Update     
So I was always the kid who loved getting the mail.
To me, mail meant that someone was thinking about me. 
I checked the mailbox everyday on my way home from school.
I got excited whenever I got mail at camp, or sent mail on a vacation.    
 After moving, I decided to reawaken mail in my life so that I could stay intentionally connected.

Mail From The Heart:
Decorate the envelope
 Send someone you love a card just "because"
 Find Cards, Postcards, or Pictures that are specific to a person

(DIY) Creative Cards:

Idea #1: Magazine Mosaic Card
Put your old magazines to good use and  clip the pictures and words from your old magazines and paste them to a personalized card for someone.  You can even pre-clip things that you think would be great in a note and then store them in your craft closet.  I did this last week for a friend and she was impressed that I took the time to cut out the pieces and put it all together. This is also a way to send mail on a budget.

Idea #2: Holiday Cards Any Day!
Ok so I might be the only person crazy enough to do this, but I am encouraging you to send a holiday card anytime.  I always buy Christmas cards to send out and then I get busy, and sometimes I am left with stacks of cards that are taking up space. So recently I decided to send one of my best friends a Christmas card (yes in September).  I will be traveling back to Atlanta where she calls home so I figured out how many days till Christmas -- which is also around the time I get to see her and I wrote that down along with ways I am hoping to celebrate the holidays with her. I am sure cards sent like this are sure to stand out, make someone laugh a little, and more than anything let them know how special they are to you.

Idea #3: Very Vintage Post Card
Estate Sales, Thrift Stores, Vintage Stores, Your Grandmother's House...all might be locations old postcards live.  Shake off the dust and use them.  Sure maybe a note has already been scribbled on some of them, then matt the postcard with some pretty paper and mail it! For friends that love vintage and handmades, this is a sure way to send a note that brightens their day.

Question #5: What about your friends, family, and church?
- Most of my extended family lives on the West Coast :)
- I do miss my friends but I have been able to stay in touch with many of them.
- I loved my church in Dallas, but God works in more than one church!

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  1. i'm pretty obsessed with mail and when people ask me about it i've worded it a number of ways but i think the way you wrote it explains it best "mail means that someone is thinking about you." EXACTLY. it's one of the reasons i like to go all out with the envelope too! and also the reason i sell stationery of course! perhaps i'll send you a letter some time!