Friday, February 4, 2011

Breaking Tortillas Together

Oak Cliff also known, as “The Cliff” is not only home to multi-colored houses, historical buildings, and diverse residents, but is also home to countless taco stands.  I have a love for Latin dishes, communal meals, and for observing and documenting culture.  

After being snowed in for three days some of my roommates and I decided to get rid of our cabin fever by you guessed it, getting tacos!  As we walked through our neighborhood we played a lovely game of ice ball.  We somehow managed to make it safely to Cesar’s despite the layer of ice that covered the streets and sidewalks.  As we got inside we were ready to warm up and get our grub on.  I tried the wonderful chorizo and huevo tacos.  Cesar’s also has one of my new found loves which is Mexican Coke, made with real sugar.  One of the blessings from the night was the community and love that was present.  You would think that after three days of being cooped up together in our humble apartments that we would have been making one another go crazy.  Instead as we sat on our plastic yellow chairs around our meal and just enjoyed each other’s food, random jokes, and company.  One true display of love was when one of my roommates paid for another roommates meal.  A debit card happened to get lost along the journey, but despite this frustrating situation a community meal was accomplished because where one was lacking another was generous to provide.  That my friends is a true aspect of community, and a display of breaking “tortillas” together.

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  1. girl! you are too cute ♥ and it makes my life that you love Jesus, love people, and now have a blog... let's do this together :)