Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Total Blessing

The last few weeks have been quite crazy, and overwhelming.  For all of the people out there that think being a Christian is "boring" the last few weeks of my life can act as living proof of the fault in that position.

    My total blessing came on the morning of January 28th.  I was driving to work and t-boned a woman who ran a stop sign.  I was initially in a little shock and then as I got out of the car I lost it when I realized that she was about 6 months pregnant.  I was able to stop crying when she finally said that she was feeling alright.  Then she said that her daughter was in the back seat.  Her daughter was still in her little cupcake footie pajamas.  She was just as cute as can be and believe it or not the accident did not even phase her, despite that the car was crushed in right near her car seat.  We exchanged information took pictures and went our separate ways.  I realized before we even left the scene that we had been blessed because we were all ok and lucky for me she had just gotten insurance that day!  She even called her insurance company right away admitted complete fault.  My car was taken in and about two weeks later was declared totaled.

     Besides all 4 (baby in the oven included) of us being safe and without injury I have been blessed in so many ways through this accident, and so many times think to myself that it wasn't an accident at ALL. At first I was a little upset but then as the process continued I realized that more than anything this "accident" was bringing me closer to my family and those around me.  Now I am living without a car----a lifestyle I thought was for Europeans and modern day hippies.  One of my roommates fixed a bike for me to ride, I have become the carpool buddy to many of my co-workers and friends and am content in the place I find myself.  I find that when I get in the car with someone I am thinking less about where I am going or how fast I can get there, but I am more focused on enjoying the ride.

So I feel like I would be cutting the story short if I didn't share that along with this story comes a check from Geico.  I now have about 10,000 dollars thanks to this little "accident".  I have decided not to buy a car right now.  I am waiting to see how God wants me to use this money.  So yes ladies and gentlemen, my car being totaled has been a total blessing.  I hope that you find yourself open to the ways God wants to bless you, it will be the greatest adventure of your life!

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