Sunday, September 11, 2011

Transformation Taking Place

373 Days Ago: I arrived in Oak Cliff (Dallas) ready to LOVE kids and the world through a year-round internship with Project Transformation.

In the past month I have been able to reflect. pray. cry. laugh. and more than anything truly think about what Transformation really took place in me.

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So here are 10 ways Transformation has Taken Place:

1. I cry more, I used to think I was above crying, now I know I am a big softie.
It could be a little kid playing at a park, or a phrase like "exactly" that makes me think of the youth I worked with and the community that I came to love, and I get overwhelmed with how I saw God at work this year, and can't help but tear up.

2. I honestly get disappointed when I go to worship and we are not dancing as we sing.
Seriously, worship in my mind now means breaking it down and jumping around to songs with 100+ of my friends.

3. I have a really hard time throwing away toilet paper rolls.
I always think there could be a craft or project that uses toilet paper roles.

4. I miss group prayers and hearing "Dear Lord Jesus."
There is something so powerful when over 100+ people are on one accord and are praying together whether its before a meal, or before a night of worship.

5. I hate that nobody really "gets" my site stories.
So many times, something will remind me of an experience I had at site with PT and its hard to even begin to share.

6. I have all of these phrases that I say that nobody else uses or understands, instead I just get weird looks.
I still find my self saying "dot com" on the end of things (thanks Cordell Simmons) and once I caught myself saying PTlationship and then I realized I might as well be speaking in a completely different language.

7. I still can't get used to not having a roommate especially after living with about 100 people.
Seriously, I jump at every sound, and a part of me wishes its club SAE or the guys playing basketball behind SAE, but then realize its just the fridge making a sound.  Living in community has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, living with others who are passionate about God and serving His children has been one of the most amazing blessings I have ever experienced.

8. I get excited whenever I hear Spanish, even though I only know about 10 Spanish words.
I know this may at first sound silly, but after serving at Wesley Rankin, I began to love the rich Mexican-American culture and heritage that was so much a part of the community.  Before I became an intern with PT I didn't know any Spanish, and I also didn't know much about Mexican culture.  I came to love much more than the elotes(corn) and street tacos, and left with a deep respect of all the amazing aspects of Mexican American culture including the strong family ties, the way communities truly work together, and the clear way that parents value education.

9. I miss a group of about 40 teenagers in a way that most people cannot understand.
I honestly think about the youth all the time, God has carved a special place in my heart where only my youth fit.  After hearing so many of their stories, my kids truly began to hold a place in my heart that made it so hard to leave.  I find myself wondering how they are doing in school, or if someone is giving that one kid who some see as trouble the attention he doesn't get at home.  More than anything I find myself praying for some youth from West Dallas, that I did not even know a year ago.

10. I not only just sing "Oh who will build the church now" out of habit, but now as I sing these words I truly think, who will build the church NOW?
I think that God is calling us as his people whether we are college students, recent grads, retired reading volunteers, or just your average joe to live intentionally to build the church.  Not only do I think this, I now know that jenga means "to build" which is a continual action.  So we are called to continually act in a way that is building God's kingdom.

Wesley Rankin Family Fun Night

Question #4: What are you going to do for work?
- I am excited to announce that I will be working with Young Life.
- I get to continue loving on youth and pointing them to Jesus.
- Please pray for me ---- pray that my words and actions point to Jesus.

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  1. I totally agree with three except I cant throw away water bottles in hopes they may be used in a craft project someday! I really miss your wisdom and guidance anica!!